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  • Gigant Mussels in Traditional Escabeche – Marinated 120 g. – Size 4/6 (Tagged tin)

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    What better than to open a can of mussels in pickled sauce as an appetizer? Mussels in pickled sauce are one of the most traditional seafood preserves, since this culinary technique was widely used for its preservation in the past. Rich in good quality proteins, the best specimens of these molluscs are collected from September to November, when production is at its highest. The Galician estuaries, are the perfect natural scenery for this kind of product. Covered with our traditional pickled sauce, combined with its big size and high quality, make this a uniquely distinctive product. Mussels in pickled sauce, 120 g packed can format.


    Mussels from the Galician estuaries, preserved in artisan pickled sauce, are a real pleasure. The big size and the outstanding quality of fleshy pieces, give them a perfect appeal. Handly selected, one by one, and covered with “El Viejo Pescador” pickled sauce, recipe by the artisans of our canning plant.

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    Units: 4/6
    Net Weight: 120 gr.
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