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    Northern Spain Sea Tuna

    Since the mid twentieth century the preserved Northern Bonito has been acquiring more relevance and appreciation in the fishing industry. It is considered the best in the tuna family in Spain and in international markets.

    In our cannery we treat this treasure as it deserves and we work it in an absolutely artisan way to conserve each and every one of its properties and qualities. After cooking and peeling it we cut it in loins to later pack it, sterilize it and label it giving all our love and wisdom.

    bonito del norte mod
    mejillones en escabeche acuarela med mod

    Marinated Mussels

    Marinated Mussels are one of the more traditional canned seafood, because in the past this technique was used for conservation. Rich in good quality proteins, the best specimens of these molluscs are harvested from September to November, coinciding with the period of greatest production.

    At El Viejo Pescador we have two varieties of this product; One of them presented in canned bundle and bathed by the traditional flavor marinara and the other presented in glass jar with our branded Marinara and spicy Escabeche flavor. It enhances even more all its unique and outstanding qualities.


    The Anchovies in Olive Oil are another of the brand products at El Viejo Pescador since its beginnings. It is elaborated, matured in a salt based layer and packaged in an artisan way at the right time to guarantee an exceptional result. It is a firm and juicy anchovy, its tonality, and above all, its aromas and intense flavor show that this is a high quality product.

    Tasting this semi-preserved salt-cured fish with high protein content is a taste for the senses, transporting us to a maritime universe full of new pallet of flavor and taste of the Cantabrian Sea.

    anchoas acuarela mod
    sarndinillas lata

    Sardines in Olive Oil

    The Sardinillas in Olive Oil are conserved in a traditional canned tin pack and after a strict selection, we guarantee a traditional as well as avant-garde flavor. A traditional product, with great properties and nutritional benefits, updated with the artisan techniques of our master canner. These sardine young specimens are very demanded and present an intense work of elaboration from its arrival to the cannery..

    They are treated with special care so that no specimen will break and spoil its delicate presence and characteristic silver appearance. Subsequently, after passing their selection process, cleaning and headless, they become steamed toast to be finally packed by hand one by one.

    At El Viejo Pescador we consider Sardinilla in Oil the great protagonist of our cannery and we feel very identified by it. It has accompanied us from our beginnings and we have been evolving together until the present day.